About Time® has hundreds of letters on file from very happy and satisfied clients.   Following are a few of them:

Oris01 748 7710 4164 07 5 22 19FC
Received the watch. I couldn't be more happier. Thanks again.

Best regards,

Weymouth, MA

I have purchased two watches from Marty and can’t recommend him enough. Each transaction with About Time has been nothing but outstanding. Just over a year ago I purchased my first “higher end” watch with my Ball Skindiver. While I love the watch and it will be with me for many years it was a place marker for my grail of many years. The Rolex Submariner has been on my wish list for as long as I have been interested in watches. Once it was finally in reach, I called Marty, and it was on my wrist within 36 hours. Mind you that it was shipped to Hawaii! I got the watch at a fair price in a timely manner with constant communication throughout. I could not ask for more. Marty and his wife are both top notch, and I will definitely be doing future business with them!


LuminoxLuminox Atacama Field Day Date Black/Tan 1925
Got the watch this morning. I absolutely love it! Thanks so much for the quick, easy purchase. Until next time, take care.


BallTrainmaster 60 Seconds II NM1058D-L3J-WH
I received the Ball Trainmaster 60 Seconds II watch today and just wanted to let you know that I couldn't be more pleased with it. The watch is the perfect size and looks great. Thank you for your help, friendliness, and very professional service. I'm so glad that I discovered AboutTime--it's a great place to shop for a watch. You offer a service and price that can't be beat! For certain, the next time that I'm in the market for a watch, I'll be contacting you. My best.


BallEngineer II Pioneer COSC NM2026C-S4CAJ-BK
The Ball watch arrived about ten minutes ago in perfect condition! It is just as I hoped it would be and more. The finish is beautiful!

After setting the time and calendar I went into a closet to view the numbers and markers. That is exactly what I wanted, and the fit is perfect. Please thank your jeweler for his work!

Thanks for keeping me informed of these past few months, that is excellent customer service.

I might even wear it to bed tonight!


BallEngineer Hydrocarbon NEDU COSC dc3026a-sc-be
Got my Engineer Hydrocarbon NEDU, love it.
Thanks so much for all the help!
You made buying quick and easy.


Argyle, TX

Pre-Owned Chanel J-12 H1626
I just wanted to confirm that I received the Chanel watch and I couldn't be happier! I haven't taken it off in two days. This is the 3rd watch that I've purchased from you and even though we're on opposite sides of the country, you always make the "business" part of it so easy. It's truly a pleasure to work with you!

I'll be back for another watch soon, I'm sure.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year!



Pre-Owned BallEngineer Hydrocarbon Ceramic XV COSC dm2136a-scj-bk
Unpacked, removed, set the time and date and wearing. It is as you described and is certainly a 9.9 on a 10 scale. Fits almost perfectly with those 2 links removed....just a bit loose. Might be able to tighten it up with removing one small link next to the clasp.

I'm happy! Thanks for the great value and the great service!



FortisFortis B-42 Marinemaster Chronograph 638-10-41k
I received the watch yesterday, and it is beautiful. I also received a very nice book from Fortis. Thanks for a great buying experience and a fair price.

If you would like me to do some sort of online review, just let me know. I am a happy customer.

Thanks again,

Union Bridge, MD

Pre-ownedSinn LE Military Type III
just wanted to let you know that the item has been received in pristine condition! thanks again holly, real pleasure dealing with you! thanks for your patience!



GlycineGlycine F 104 Automatic Special 100th Anniversary Set
Received the watch set, and they are absolute beautiful. Thanks so much in getting this set to me in such short notice. I will not hesitate to reach out to you in the future for any other considerations to add to my collection.

Best Regards,

Richmond Hill, Canada

BallEngineer II Marvelight Watch nm2026c-s6j-be
I received the Ball watch Friday morning and could not be happier. Thank you for your friendly and professional service with a very attractive purchase price. I will highly recommend About Time to any of my friends and family. Thanks again and it was nice to do business together.



BallFireman Stormchaser DLC Glow cm2192c-p2-bk
I got the watch and i love it. It has a rubber band which i really like. Thank you for your help getting it done on Friday. I will looking forward to purchase in the future.

Thank you,

Lowell, MA

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Full CarbonFull Carbon Red Hot ib-0103-rh
I received the watch today. I love it! Thanks for everything and, until the next time, take care.

Youngstown, OH

FortisB-42 Flieger Black Day/Date Watch 655-18-81-l01
Received the watch yesterday and sized it last night. Exactly what I was looking for and very pleased.

Thank you so much for making this such a smooth transaction and I appreciate all the help.

Take care and have a wonderful day!

Duluth, GA

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BallEngineer Master II Diver Free Fall Watch dc1028c-s2j-be
Really, really stoked on the watch. Took it up to a jeweler friend of mine, and had the rubber strap put on it. Very pleased.

Thanks so much for everything.



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XemexPicadilly 802-01
Hello About Time,

Received the watch today! Now I fully understand what you meant by the dial not being "yellow!" It's funny, because it really depends on the light it's seen in! The more direct light it's in, the "yellower" it looks! I'm very happy and 100% satisfied with it and your outstanding customer service and follow-through. I'm thrilled! I will definitely recommend About Time to all my own customers who need anything horological!

Thanks again!


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HermesClipper Chrono Diver Model# 036081WWOO
That was fast! You've made this an easy process for me and more importantly, a process that I can trust. I really appreciate your time.

I've been bragging on your service to anyone who will listen!

Have a great afternoon,


BallTrainmaster Power Reserve NM1056D-S1J-WH
Once again you have gone above and beyond in our transactions that you have established a true believer that with quality sales personnel and a Great store customer service can be exceptional. I love the watch and working with you. Best of luck in the New Year.


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Curtis & CoBig Time World
Watches arrived safe and sound! They are big but fabulous. Thanks for everything. A pleasure to deal with you. You are a great ambassador for your firm. I will certainly recommend you to my friends who are watch shopping! Have a great holly day season!



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BallEngineer Master II Diver Worldtime Watch Model #dg2022a-sa-wh
My Ball Watch arrived a short time ago. Love this watch (just like everything else, when it is new it is the best). I expect good things from this watch. The "leather-like" rubber strap is outstanding and I really dig the deployant. Thanks for working with me on this. It is good for both of us to be sure. I trust that short of a full-on IED event this watch will withstand Afghanistan.

All the best,

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BallCleveland Express NM1058D-LCJ-SL and Ball Lady Ohio NL1026C-S1J-BK
I just got the COSC certificate and the stainless band for the Cleveland Express. Very Nice!

Once again, thanks very much for the wonderful service you've provided. I can say without hesitation that your company is among the best I've dealt with.


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OrisMaldives 643-7654-7185 set
Thanks for the help with the shipment. I received the watch. Great.

With friendly regards,


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EdoxMiss Geico 10304.37NJ NJ

Got the watch! Love it!

Thanks for all your help!


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AnonimoNotturnale Drass/Gold Watch Model #mod-2028
Watch arrived Friday, it is spectacular. The case is exactly the color I was hoping - very classy combo of simplicity, style and of course, substance.

Thanks for your help!


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AnonimoProfessionale CNS Watch Model #mod-6000-cns
Received the Anonimo Professionale today. Excellent watch delivered with excellent service, as always. Will be in touch soon for another addition.

- Matthew

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BallAviator GM2086C S1 BK repair
Got watch back today. Very happy to have it back and where it belongs: on my wrist.
I can't thank you enough for your assistance. You take customer service to a new level.

I wish you and your family a joyful holiday.


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AnonimoMilitare Vintage Watch Model 2010V
It is fabulous! I agree, the strap really looks good with it. I love the watch. Will probably work in to first rotation on my wrist, will have to decide which watch gets "benched". Good fun. Many thanks again.



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BallEngineer Hydrocarbon Magnate GMT COSC GM2098C-SCAJ-BE
Received watch. Looks great. Fits great.

Many thanks,


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VenturaV-Tec Delta W 20 S

I received the Ventura yesterday.

I am very happy to have, it’s a great watch.
Also you are the best seller providing me appropriate information and I got a sense of ease.
Thank you for that.

Sincerely Yours,


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Ernst BenzChronosport 40mm Model 20213

The watch arrived safe and sound. It is beautiful! I am sure my husband will love it. Thanks for your wonderful service. I have given the catalogs you sent to my watch collector friend.

Best regards,
Kathy stenerson

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VenturaV-Tec Kappa W23.01 T
It was such a pleasure working with you. You were informative, responsive and very pleasant both on the phone and in emails and always kept me informed about the shipping status of my new Ventura.

Thank you again, and I'm sure we will be in touch soon.


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BallEngineer II Arabic COSC II Watch #NM1022C-S1CA-BK
I've barely taken it off! Great watch! Thank you for the suggestion of getting a Ball watch. Today I read the entire manual and will register the watch tomorrow for the extended warranty.

I enjoyed doing business with you. Thanks!

Best regards
Mike I.

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Anonimo & BallCronoscopio Mark II model 2018 & Engineer Master II Diver Watch model dm1022a-pc1a-bksl
I love them! They are both unique and different from each other so I am glad I got both. Thanks for the responsive and knowledgeable service. Have a good one!

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BremontSupermarine S500 Watch Model #s500-bl
I have received the Bremont watch. It blew me away.

Thanks so much.

Thank you once again;


Breitling (pre-owned) Navitimer Montbrillant Pre-owned Watch Model #a4133012-b408

Got the watch today... looks bloody fantastic... thanks again have a happy new year's.


John Hour

Frederique ConstantClassic Automatic model FC303MC3P5
I just received my new watch and i can not thank you enough !!!! I appreciate your great customer service and fast shipping. Your time and effort in helping me with my selection certainly made this purchase a pleasure. I look forward to future purchases with your store.

Best regards,


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BallEngineer Master II Aviator Watch Model nm1080c-s1-bk
I just wanted to let you know the Ball Aviator showed up - sized exactly right.

And, Happy non-denominational winter solstice holiday to the rest of you transplanted New Yorkers - nothing like buying a watch from California that sounds like people from Elizabeth NJ are packing the thing up. Oh well, whatever works.

Next purchase will be a Ball EHC Spacemaster X-lume or glow (same thing, right) without a dive bezel. It doesn't (so far as I know) exist yet but I'm betting it materializes right after Basel 2011.

Thanks again and Merry Christmas to all (youse guys).

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Anonimo10th Anniversary Bronze Polluce MOD an2003-bnz-blk
I would like to thank you for this great Anonimo watch I have. They stand for their name. Not in your face, but at the same time different and elegant.

Exactly my style.

Have a great day,


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U-Boat Classico 45 AS 2 REF# 5565
I received the watch today and it looks great! Thanks for your help and I will be in touch when I get the itch for another new timepiece.


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BallEngineer Master II DLC Watch # nm2020c-l1j-bkbe
Terrific! My son loved it, he thought it was beautiful. I must say I also thought the watch was very attractive as well as my wife. The crocodile strap and deployment buckle were also a hit and of course he has the rubber strap if he chooses to go that route at some point. So, thank you for your patience and all of you expertise. I learned quite a lot about the Ball watch as well as several others. There are many beautiful watches out there, however, the Ball watch is outstanding as far as I can see.

Thanks again and maybe we'll cross paths again. Possibly when it needs service.

Gary Vogler

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BallEngineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster Watch # dm2036a-scaj-bk
I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how pleased I am with my Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster. This watch is truly amazing. The lume on the dial is amazingly sharp and easy to read in the dark. The bezel lume is like car headlights when it's been in direct light. The fit and finish is top notch. This watch is a chunk but does not wear heavy. The bracelet is outstanding. The double clasp has been very strong. AND I cannot be more pleased with the service you provided. I was understandably hesitant to spend this much money on a watch as I've never done that before but you provided me with great information on how much bang for the buck you get with a Ball. You returned my calls quickly and answered all my questions. The watch came sized, wound, set and ready to wear. Thanks Steve so much for a great watch buying experience.

Steve Hatfield

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BallEngineer Hydrocarbon Trieste Chronograph Watch #dc1026a-sj-wh
I got the watch today and I love it. Thanks for taking the time both before and after my purchase to explain things and help me make what is a great choice. Your service is well beyond the normal level I would expect. I was also concerned about making such an expensive purchase over the internet, but felt very comfortable after our discussions. I recommend About Time to anyone.

I will defiantly be doing future business with About Time.


Scott P.
Chicago, Illinois

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OmegaMen's Aqua Terra Watch model #
Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for working out all the details in getting my Seamaster to Illinois. The new watch is stunning and I am very pleased with it. Though it will be some time before I'm ready to add to my collection, I look forward to working with you again when that time comes.

Very best regards,

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BallFireman B & O 1st mile Watch #NM2090C-LJ-BEWH
That was unbelievably fast. It was waiting for me when I walked in the door this morning. I am wearing it now. You are awesome.


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Revue ThommenAirspeed XLarge 40.5mm Date Model # 16052.2137
This beautiful watch arrived today. Thank you very much for your speedy service.

Kind Regards


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About Timein store experience

I stopped by the store on Saturday 21 February (tried on the San Marco... cool piece) and I just wanted to say thank you for having such great customer service. I've always heard on the watch blogs that About Time has great service with real, friendly, knowledgeable people, and that is the absolute truth. Too often today watch stores have rude, pushy, disinterested and unknowledgeable staff. That is NOT the case at About Time. You guys want people to love their watch and you give them great, friendly service. If I ever want to add another watch to my collection (the G-shock and the Sea-Dweller are suiting me pretty well right now!) I will DEFINITELY come to About Time first and do my business with you guys. Hope you have a great week.


BallEngineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster Glow DM2036A-SCA-BK
I received my new BALL Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster Glow Watch just as you promised, the next day by 11am. I can't thank you enough for your patience and time you spent to answer all my questions in an almost 20 message email string.

The watch is beautiful, but it would have been so from any dealer, what set you business apart was the very close personal attention you gave me and my order.

I purchase a few watches a year, and I usually go to other stores or websites, however, I will be now coming to you first.

Thank you again for making this purchase an enjoyable experience, and I hope to do much more business with you.


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BallEngineer Hydrocarbon Trieste Chronograph Watch #dc1026a-sj-wh
I just wanted to send you a short email thanking you for your time spent yesterday going over the various options available concerning the Ball watches. It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. I have passed your card on to several friends in hopes they will contact you for their future purchases of watches.

thank you once again;
Eddie Walker

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Jaeger-LeCoultreMaster Calendar 151.84.2A
I received my JL Master Calendar watch the other day and it is perfect. This is the third watch I have bought from About Time, and somehow you have found a way to make each purchase easier and more pleasant. Whatever manufacturer or price range someone is considering, I can recommend your store without reservation.

Paul S.

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HermesCape Cod Tonneau CT1710130
Just wanted to let you know that the watch was a HUGE hit! Thanks for being so patient throughout this whole process.

Best regards


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BallTrainmaster 60 Seconds model #nl1038d-si-wh
Just a quick note to advise that the watch arrived safely here in Australia on Tuesday 29 December as promised. My wife is very happy with it.

Thank you so much for your very professional service and follow-up. Best wishes for the new year.



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Maurice LacroixMasterpiece Le Chronographe Squelette MP7128-SS001-000
I received the watch today, and everything seems to be in order and the watch works fine. Thank you for a such smooth and speedy transaction. Frankly, I'm overjoyed to have the watch with me for the holidays.

Best regards and happy holidays to you also,


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RolexOyster Perpetual Datejust Midsize Watch 178274
Thanks for a very professional service and handling of my order. I will recommend you for frinds in the future.

Have a nice day and a Merry Christmas.

Kind regards


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Rolex and IWCYacht Master 168622 and IWC Big Ingenieur IW5005-01
All watches have arrived everything worked out perfect!

Thank you for all your help and it has been great doing business with you.

I´m sorry for the somewhat late reply, i have been out of town for some days now and didn´get the opportunity to send you a mail.

I hope we will talk soon for new good deals.... :)

Best regards Bosko

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HermesArceau Maxi Auto AR 4.810.130.VBA1
We received the watch today. Its beautiful! I am sure my fiance will love it. Thank you so much and we will be in touch!

All the best,


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Swiss ArmyChrono Classic XLS model 241036
Thank you for getting me the swiss army watch for my dad. He loves it! It was his 65th b-day gift. He left today on his long awaited trip to Italy...wearing his new watch.

Best Regards,

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OmegaOmega Men's Speedmaster Broad Arrow Watch model #321.
I am writing to thank you for the fantastic service you have once again given me in obtaining a beautiful watch, the Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow.

I can not say thank you enough for offering the best customer service EVER. You go above and beyond my expectations every time I purchase a watch from you. I have only great things to say about you and your watches.

The Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow is amazing and costing me loads of time just watching the slick movement at work. I know that I will be back yet again for watch numbers 4, 5 and 6 at least from you.

For any one reading this testimonial, trust me when I say you are in the safest, most responsible and trusted hands in the business when you deal with Marty, Holly or Steve at AboutTime.

Look forward to speaking and buying from you again,
Many thanks

Chris Potts

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Just wanted to say “thank you” for all your help & support… you soooo rock!

Hope you’re having an outstanding week!


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AnonimoScrews for case
I could not ask for any better service, most folks would not want to take the time for a request like mine. Any other needs I have I will certainly have About Time at the top of my list.

The screw worked great, and all is well. I thank you for the time you took to make sure we were speaking of the same screw, and the expeditious manner of getting it out to me.

Have a great day,

BallEngineer Master II Aviator GMT model #GM1086C-LJ-WH
Just a quick note to thank you for the expert service and time you gave me in my purchase, it's greatly appreciated.

I can tell you that the watch runs very well about -10 seconds last time I checked but it hasn't had much wrist time. The watch looks even better than your web images so I am extremely pleased. Next up on the list is possibly another Ball or maybe a winder or both.

Look forward to dealing with you again.

Many thanks,

Auckland New Zealand

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I just wanted to let you know that not only do I love my LUZ Flirt ring, but so does EVERYBODY who sees it! I have had more questions and compliments about this ring, than I ever have about any watch, ring, or other piece of jewelry I own! The design work is great, the diamonds sparkle, and the customer service from LUZ and ABOUT TIME are just top notch. This is a great product, and I am glad your company is offering LUZ. I have reccommended your site, and the LUZ jewelry to everyone I know!


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BallEngineer Master II Moonphase # NM1082C-SAJ-WH
I ordered a Ball Engineer Master II Moon Phase/ White Face/ Bracelet from About Time.

I work about 4 hours of each day (actually closer to 8 but I'm not supposed to be on that much) doing customer service for an international web based software company. Because of that and about 40 years in sales I'm always critiquing the people I deal with.

On About Time's site is a Live Support button that I'm sure you've all seen before. I clicked got a response in seconds. When things got to the important stuff they asked me to call and ask for Steve. I did and he was very great to work with. He was familiar with what's available on the web and on the streets and was a help on some feature questions I had. Long story short, I couldn't pass up the watch or the deal.

It arrived yesterday. Only took a week or maybe even less. It was quick enough that I was surprised when UPS called with their recorded delivery information. I also received their online line tracking information in an email so there was no missing this shipment.

I love it. I was going back and forth about whether I wanted a white or black face. I ended up wtih a white and am I glad. The moon phase cut out looks great against the white face. It's a dark, dark, blue and really shows off nicely. I'm also happy with the way the numbers and hands stand out against the white face. I had some concerns with that, but it's extermely easy to read, shows up well.

Anyway it looks to be a great watch, absolutly great service. I guess I'll go ahead and say I had to call because I couldn't figure out how to get the clasp on the bracelet open. There now you know what your dealing with.

Thank you for everything

Steve Hogan

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OrisBC3 Watch - Model 635.7534.4164mb
After having been bummed out from a previous failed, internet watch purchase with another dealer I was elated in finding "About Time."

I was relieved that I could talk to someone that actually had the knowledge, and took the time to answer my very specific questions.

The Oris BC3 plus watch that I purchased from you for a really great price arrived in the promised three days. The watch was in "Pristine' condition, and thanks for setting the time, day, and date.......you were a whole 2 seconds off.

All the watches credentials were in order and I will be registering the watch with Oris very shortly.

As I live in "God's Country"........Illinois; I won't be visiting your store anytime soon, although I would like to. Through this experience with "About Time" I have found a very honest, and knowledgeable source for future watch purchases for myself, relatives, and close friends.

I feel very confident in recommending "About Time" to anyone for their next timepiece.

Thanks again for a great transaction ABOUT TIME, I look forward to conversing with you in the near future.


Terry Tibbetts
Maj, USA Ret

BTW: (I had to "hide" the "Ball" catalog from the wife that you sent with the order, she was much to interested in it.....LOL)

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RolexYacht Master 16622
We just received the Men's Rolex Yachtmaster Platinum and Stainless Steel Watch. It looks great! Your service and price is once again, exceptional.

Thanks, and we look forward to dealing with you again on our next Rolex purchase.

Rock and Jan

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AnonimoMillemetri 2000
I wanted to thank you so much for helping Jane with her selection of the Anonimo watch. It is simply spectacular and I absolutely love it. She mentioned how helpful you were to her and that you were a pleasure to work with on this. I'm not surprised and wanted to thank you personally for all of your help.


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ChronoswissTimemaster 7533 BK
I received my watch and love it!!! I also received my winder although I have not had time to use it it was a pleasure doing business with you and look forward to do more in the future thank you and happy holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Baume et MercierClassima 8070
I’m happy to report that the watch arrived today and it is the right one!!!!

Can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and persistence to get this right – You’re one in a million and I WILL recommend
you and About Time to anyone looking for new jewelry or watch.

Thanks again!!


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Maurice LacroixMasterpiece Moon Phase - Phase De Lune Watch MP6347-SS001-19E
Thank you so much! Your help selecting a watch and your prompt processing were fantastic. I will remember you for holiday shopping. I get to Orange County for work periodically. I will stop in and look at your shop.

Thanks again.


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Anonimo6002 Professionale Crono
I received the watch this morning. Thanks so much for all of your help. The watch is beautiful! I love it. It is exactly as I remember it from when you showed it to me 3 years ago. You guys are great.

I'll be an About Time customer for many years to come.

Thanks again.


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Bell & RossType Vintage 120
I wanted to take the time and drop you a note to thank you for the great experience I had in purchasing my new Bell & Ross watch with you. I so appreciate the no hassle pricing to the "star" treatment with the exemplary service you provided. What a pleasure.

About Time I look forward to recommending you to my friends, relatives and clients.


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Jaeger LeCoultreMaster Control Master Hometime 1628120
I just wanted to send you a thank you note. The watch arrived last week – the day I left for a business trip… Today I got the bracelet reduced for my size, and now I can wear it. It is really beautiful.

It was nice doing business with you,

As ever


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A. Lange & Sohne1815 Model 206.025
Package received. The most exciting thing about this is that I had never actually seen this watch before (only photos). It is more striking and beautiful than I expected.

Thanks again for your help.
E. Dubelier

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Frederique ConstantClassic Automatic model FC303MC3P5
I've been enjoying the watch for several days now. It puts a smile on my face and is an excellent alternate-day watch to my TAG Kirium chronometer.
Thanks for all the assistance in the internet purchase from your excellent store. You're a good representative for Frédérique Constant.


Paul S.
Alberta, Canada

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BallEngineer Master II Diver TMT DT1020-PAJ-BKF
If you are in need of a unique watch, I highly recommend www.abouttime.com Their horological products are excellent and the service superb!

Thanks, my new Ball watch is awesome! I will be a returning soon.

Michael Jon Kell, MD PhD

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AnonimoD-Date Bronze mod 2000 and Polluce Mod 2003
Just received the watch and I'm over the moon with excitement. UPS was here earlier, claimed we weren't home and left but I convinced the carrier to return for a second try. Anyway the watch is so, so gorgeous and exactly what I wanted! I never would have thought that I would like bronze but I totally do -- especially with already evident oxidation. Needless to say, I put it right on -- it's on the middle of the three holes you punched and a bit loose but so far it's staying in place. (OK so you were right and I was wrong. :-)

Thanks a million for getting me this fabulous watch!!!


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Jaeger-LeCoultreMaster Reserve de Marche Q1488404
Just 90 minutes ago I received my JLC. I really have to appreciate your packaging performance :). Well done.
For the moment I can not observe any movement disorder and I think everything is all right.

In fact I see exactly this model for the first time on my hand, (At our retailer I could only see some other piece from the Master Control series.) and I have to say I very like it.

Buying by means of internet is a very unpersonal event. I can say this purchase was a bit different and I have some feeling of buying it from a particular person - YOU.

And thank you for the About Time brand jewelry cloth-nice freebee that will remind you to me time from time.

It was a pleasure to make this business with you.
Best wishes for your further enterprise.

Jan from CZ

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AlpinaAvalanche Extreme Automatic AL525LBS3AE6
I am writing my final email to you wearing my beloved Alpina watch on my wrist, entirely thanks to your effort and patience throughout the whole purchase process.

So once again I want to thank you for the excellent service you provided me through the whole process.

My final request to you is to provide me with the link where I can submit my review of the excellent service you provided me (I went to testimonials but I am not sure where to click to submit my review so everyone can see how wonderful sales person you are.)

Please send me the the link or email where I can do that because I want the whole world to know about your company and its employees.

Take care, I will fully recommend your website to everyone I know


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OrbitaOrbita Sparta 2 W05600
I received my Sparta double winder yesterday. It's fantastic! I already have a Wolf single but I like this one much better. I'll be needing another one once I buy my Breitling Superocean so I'll be in touch.

Your service was great! Feel free to use me as a reference.



Click here to see this brand of watch winder on our website.

PaneraiPanerai PAM 111
I wanted to say thank you for making this an elegantly smooth transaction. I received the watch on Saturday, though I haven't had the pleasure of wearing it (I haven't had time to really sit down and savor the moment), I've been very happy just gazing at it, knowing that sometime later this week I'll be wearing it :)

Thanks again,


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AnonimoAnomimo Millemetri 2000
I just wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how happy I am with my new Anonimo Millemetri. I've been fortunate enough to own some great timepieces over the years but none have felt as 'at home' on my wrist as the Millemetri. The exquisite 'family' craftsmanship combined with the brand's amazing story and the professional and passionate service at your shop was far beyond my expectations.

The level of personalized service that you provided is unmatched in the industry. About Time Watch dealt with my barrage of questions like a champ. Your passion for the brand and for watches in general is completely refreshing. In an industry where cookie cutter stores higher cookie cutter sales people to sell cookie cutter watches the About Time/Anonimo experience is truly unique. I've already began boxing up many of my other timepieces for sale as I can't imagine buying any other brand from any other shop!

Thanks again!

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Swiss ArmySwiss Army Dive Master 500 model 241036
I just received the UPS tracking information. The convenience of the Internet with the pleasure of a bit of the old fashioned personal touch made for a great experience. So, just a quick note to thank you for your interest, follow-up, and great assistance today. I appreciate it very much.


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BallEngineer II Ohio NM1026C SJ BK
I just wanted to say thanks for your patience and assistance in my selection of the Ball Engineer II Ohio. I am extremely pleased with the build quality the look and the obvious value that Ball has given its entry level watches.

It has been a pleasure.

Best Regards,

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Ball, Anonimo, HermesBall Engineer Moonphase, Ball Trainmaster 60 second
Anonimo Chronoscopio, Hermes Arceau
About Time is across the country but I still do all of my watch shopping there. About Time is extremely knowledgeable on their lines and has great access to just about all products as well as providing excellent product support.

It was About Time that helped me find Anonimo and Ball, and these watches have a very special place in my collection (as well as getting the lion’s share of my wrist time.)

About Time also assisted me in selecting two exquisite Hermes watches for my wife, along with a Ball Tritium for her as well.

Bravo About Time. I wish that there were more stores that provide the World Class support like you.

kind regards,
Scott Weinbrand, CTC

Click here to see Ball watches on our website.

Click here to see Anonimo watches on our website.

Christian DiorModel # CD112113M001
Just to say thanks and confirm receipt of the Christian Dior Watch that I had ordered for my daughter's birthday on the 6th of November. The package was delivered well in time on the 4th of the afternoon. I had earlier confirmed with Fedex that I would pay for any taxes and they accordingly payed the amount on my behalf and thus avoided any delay.

The watch has come complete with all packaging and warranty card and includes your "special" about time polish cloth.

Thank you once again for providing an excellent service while providing a competitve price.



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Bell & RossType Demineur
I have received the watch. It was so well packed I could hardly get to it.
It fits my fiancé's wrist perfectly.

Thanks for all.


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AlpinaAvalanche Extreme AL525L5B5AE6
Just wanted you to know that my watch arrived today as promised, well packed and perfect. I think it looks better in person than it does in pictures. This was the third flawless transaction with you and About Time and I could not be happier with you or your customer service. I look forward to making additional purchases with you in the future.

As I have stated before I am a member of 5 watch forums and I will continue to rate About Time highly to any member.



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LuminoxModel # 3402
I am really happy with my purchase and just wanted to thank you for your professionalism, and quick response to all my questions, I look forward to doing business with you again, thanks again for your kindness.


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FortisB-42 Diver Chronograph Model # 640-10-12m
The Fortis B-42 got here, and it's a beauty! I'm already wearing that bad boy around the office, and the sizing is great, too. If I keep having these good watch-buying experiences with you guys, I could become a watch collector.

Geez...hope that never happens!


Jim L.
New Orleans

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AlpinaStartimer Chronograph #AL-725LBB4R16
Got the watch today, just wanted to say thanks for a painless purchase it was a pleasure dealing with you.

Hope to be talking to you soon.

Ronald Thompson

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IWCPortuguese Automatic Chronograph Laureus Watch #3714-32
I have received the IWC. Many thanks for your excellent service. As you know, this is the second IWC I have ordered from you and on both occasions it has been a pleasure to deal with you. I will not hesitate to recommend your company.

Kind regards


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AnonimoCronoscopio Mark II Special Limited Edition Watch
I absolutely love my Anonimo watch. I can't thank you enough for recommending the Anonimo Mark II. What an incredible watch, the quality and performance surpassed my expectations. I am very particular about both my cars and watches and this watch is the Ferrari of watches. Italian born performance and craftsmanship. My buddies who all own Rolex watches are envious. I love when people ask me about the watch, what a fantastic heritage. Thank you for your recommendation, this watch is for those people who want to own that which is unique.

Paul Fletcher

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Tag HeuerAquaracer CAF2010.BA0815
I have now received my watch here in Scotland after the arrival of my Aunt. I am delighted with the product and more so with the service I have received from you at every step. If I, any of my friends or family are looking to purchase a special watch in the future I will have no hesitation in recommending you with confidence to supply due an excellent service.

Many thanks again from sunny Scotland


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BlancpainLeman 2100-1130-63
I've just received the watch:-)

I'd like to thank you very much for your professionalism and your strong commitment during all this long purchase process.

Maybe it's not so common when the buyer is thanking the seller, but this is what I feel I must do right now! Since I'm a sales person, I know that it always takes two for a successful sale:-)

Anyway, thanks again; please be sure that I would recommend you and "AboutTime" to any other watch aficionado!

Have a nice day

Best Regards


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AlpinaAvalanche Extreme Regulator Rose Gold Watch al-650lbbb5ae4
The Alpina Rose Gold watch arrived yesterday. Absolutely fabulous and you are right it will definitely create conversation.

I look fwd to wearing it and of course doing more business with you in the future



Click here to see this brand of watch on our website.

Maurice LacroixMasterpiece Double Retrograde Watch MP7018-SS001-110
Upon receipt of my Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Double Retrograde watch I felt compelled to send you this e-mail. Your professionalism, knowledge and flawless service makes doing business with About Time effortless. It is always a pleasure conversing with someone who shares the same passion and I am looking forward to speaking with you about my next purchase.


Peter Tilearcio

Click here to see this brand of watch on our website.

MicheleMini Urban Diamond MWW02A000064
I just wanted to thank you once again for my "Michele" watch; I absolutely love it! I made sure I told all my "salon friends" about how knowledgeable and professional you were. I put a flier up at work advertising "About Time" with your contact information, so I wouldn't be surprised if you heard from some of them....Thanks again!.....(big smiles)....


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Giantto“White Edition” Titanic III
I just wanted to e-mail you that I received my watch, and it looks exactly as I was hoping it would. Thank you for taking the time to get all the details right. I will definitely be ordering another watch from you in the near future.

Thanks Again,


Click here to see this brand of watch on our website.

MicheleDeco MWW06A000141
The Michele watch arrived this morning. It was just in time to give my girlfriend the best birthday gift. You should have seen her reaction. Thank you for all of your help. I look forward to purchasing more watches from you in the future

All the Best,


Click here to see this brand of watch on our website.

Junghans Apollo Mega MF 056/4405.00 Atomic Watch
First impressions: I really, really like it -- it's even more handsome than the photos, and it works perfectly. No problem at all getting the radio updates here in Albuquerque where I live, or in Dallas where I was this weekend. (Thought that might be useful info for you for future customers.) It's really cool that I can change time zones and the watch is automatically set correctly to the second. I'm very impressed with how solidly made it seems. In short, this seems to be an amazing timepiece. I don't think you should hesitate at all in promoting the Junghans atomic watches.

Who knows, if it holds up well, maybe I'll also order a Junghans Tondo Mega Steel 016/7353.00 as a dress watch. :-)

Thanks again for your help.

Steve K.

MicheleMini Urban Diamond Ladies Watch MWW02A000124
I got the watch yesterday and I can’t thank you enough! This watch was sold out EVERYWHERE! I could not find it on any other website below retail. In fact I was told by everyone else this watch was on back order for at least 5 months, and I called EVERYONE!

Your responsiveness and speed of delivery is rare to find these days and it is refreshing to know that customer service is still alive.

Thank you again for everything and I look forward to making my next watch purchase through ABOUT TIME.


Click here to see this brand of watch on our website.

SeikoVintage 1972 Seiko watch
I just wanted to drop a quick note on my Seiko that you rebuilt. I am just giddy every time I look at it. I've told all my friends and family about my 35 year old watch that was my 15th birthday present and how it looks like new. Thank you.

Joe G.
Huntington Beach, CA

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CitizenEco-Drive BW0072-07P
UPS just delivered my watch and I am very pleased with the quality and by your consideration in filling out the warranty certificate. At my age--I need all the help I can get!

Thanks again,

Ron & Diane A.
Altus, Oklahoma

P.S.--Diane and I travel to Carmel California and Tahoe every 3 years or so--just to enjoy the beauty.

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BallEngineer Hydrocarbon Titanium Watch Model #dm1036a-saj-bk
The Ball watch arrived and I LOVE IT. Thanks for you’re immediate shipping; you know you just can’t beat that. Packaging & presentation is the best I’ve seen. You provided excellent service.

I took the watch into a dark room with no windows, wow what amazing visibility, hard to believe.

Thanks again,
Huntington Beach, California

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Tag HeuerLink WAF1416.BA0813
The watch arrived today as promised and looks beautiful. Thanks so much for the gracious service and gorgeous watch. I would definitely recommend About Time, and will pass on your name to my friends looking for new watches.


Emily F.
New York, NY

Click here to see this brand of watch on our website.

BallEngineer Master II Diver
I received my watch yesterday and it's perfect! I just wanted to say thanks for your help and the unbeatable price!! I'm definitely passing on your card to some friends and I'll be contacting you for a new Rolex in March sometime!

Thanks so much!


Click here to see this brand of watch on our website.

Tag Heuer Aquaracer Quartz Ladies Watch WAF141C.BA0813
Just a note to say thank you for the excellent customer service & finding me the perfect TAG. I LOVE IT! I will recommend you to all my friends in Iowa.


Rolex2 tone Yatchmaster 168623
I got the Rolex Yatchmaster watch. It is fantastic. It is the perfect size. I am really glad I went with the mid size. Thanks and we will be talking to you this summer for a Mens Rolex Platinum Yatchmaster for my husband.

Jan and Rock

Tag HeuerLink CJ1110.BA0576
Dear About Time,

I would like to thank all of you for the fantastic service you offer at About Time. Buying something so expensive online can be a minefield, but with the help of About Time, I have ended up with a great watch at the best price, with the highest customer service anyone could ever want. Trust me, I shopped around and did my homework, About Time is the best and safest. You need go no further in your search.

I will have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to family and friends.

Thank you so much,

I look forward to treating my wife and I with future presents from About Time.



Tag Heuer LinkWJF1152.BB0579
I purchased a Tag Heuer watch from you in early October (picked it up in New York if you remember). Anyway, I know it was a while ago now, but I just wanted to say that I received it ok and I was very happy with the product and especially with your service. You were very helpful and everything went smoothly. I have passed on your details to friends in the U.S. and the U.K. who were also thinking of a similar purchase.

Thanks again,

Chris C. - England

Tag HeuerAquaracer WAF1419.BA0813
Just picked up the watch in Vermont. It is really beautiful. Everything was great- a pleasure doing business with you. I am in the market for a Breitling ( I think ) so I will be in touch one day when I make up my mind.



Maurice LacroixMI5027-SS001-310 and PT6058-PS101-11E
I really appreciate all your regular and "extra help", the package arrived yesterday and .... what can I tell you ! They're just great, I love'em, especially the Pontos it's very similar to the one I originally ask for, but anyway it's a great watch.

I was absolutely right and you didn't disappointed me, so you can rest assure that I'm going to ask you for some other watches and I'm going to recommend your store and OF COURSE your personal assistance to my friends and relatives and I hope you will do some more business.


Write you back soon.

Best regards,


BallEngineer Hydrocarbon Titanium DM1036-SA-JWH
Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with my new Ball Watch. It is truly the favorite of my Ball Watch Collection, that now numbers 7. Once again you have provided me with a quality watch with your personal touch.

Thank you,

Sanford, Florida

MicheleDeco Diamond MWW06C000038, MWW06A000028
We received the Michele deco diamond watches today. They are absolutely beautiful. Thanks again!

Lisa M.
Henderson, Nevada

Ulysse NardinMaxi Marine Chronometer 263-66-7
Dear About Time staff,

I would like to thank you for your excellent service! Your response time, follow up and follow through are second to none. There is a lot to be said for a business that truly cares for their customers and I can say a lot for About Time.

All too often, one visits a high end watch store only to be given mediocre service. It is obvious that you have a passion for your profession and that your hard work pays off with happy customers. Most importantly, if a problem should ever arise, I know that you will help to solve it quickly.

It has been a pleasure buying from you!

Best Regards,

Jay B.
Irvine, California

VenturaVtec Alpha W15S
My new Ventura watch arrived today in perfect condition. I am absolutely delighted and I am certain to buy from you again for my next watch. Thank you so much for your excellent service. It will be my pleasure to give your details to my other Australian watch buying buddies.

Best wishes,

Mark T.

Tag Heuer Kirium Formula 1 CL111A.BA0700
Thanks. Received the watch last week when on holidays. Really happy with it. Will pass on your contact details if any of my friends are buying watches.



Anonimo & Tag HeuerD-Date Mod-2006 & Aquaracer WAF141d-ba0813
I received the watches this morning and they are AWESOME. Thanks for sending them promptly. If I need more watches in the future I will get in touch with you. Hopefully I can get an even better price being a returning customer.:)

Anyway, thanks again.

Rick T.
Tampa, Florida

Tag HeuerLadies Formula 1 Model # WAC1215.BA0852
I just wanted to thank you for following up with my request. Your professionalism regarding this purchase was much appreciated.

Thank you for everything.


Tag HeuerKirium F1 CL111A.BA0700
I picked up the watch yesterday and I love it! Thanks so much for your help and great service!

Best regards,


Tag HeuerAquaracer Automatic Chronograph CAF2110.BA0809
Just a quick note to thank you very much for sending my new Tag watch to New Jersey. I must say that I have been very impressed with your website and overall service and I will look forward to buying my next watch from you and will pass on your details to anyone looking for a watch.

Many thanks once again,

Yours sincerely,


MontblancTimeWalker 9668
Just a quick note to let you know I received the watch in good order.
It's beautiful.

Thanks so much for your help getting it so quickly and for the
personal service. Overall, a very pleasant experience.



MicheleExtreme Fleur MWW049000018
I just wanted to thank you for my beautiful Michele watch! I really love it and greatly appreciate your prompt, personal, courteous and honest attention! Feel free to quote me. I look forward to buying more watches from you in the future. Thanks again.

Very best regards,


Christian DiorDior Christal Model cd112111m001
I received the watch - I Love it. Thank you so much. Have a great weekend. I will recommend you to my friends. They all buy jewelry.


BedatNo. 3 314.011.109
I am so delighted with my new Bedat watch, it is absolutely beautiful. Thanks to you I have the watch of my dreams!

Thanks also for providing such wonderful service during the buying process. One is always wary of buying such a high ticket price item over the phone, however, you put me at ease completely and delivered absolutely everything you promised.

I have kept your business card and will recommend you very highly to anyone thinking of purchasing their dream watch.

Many thanks,


IWCPortuguese Chrono-Automatic Model 371417
I have now received the watch. It is excellent and I am most grateful for your thorough and professional service. A pleasure doing business with you and I will recommend your company without hesitation.

Kind regards


RolexLadies Date-Just model #179174
I received my watch today and it is perfect! Aaron and I both love it. We are pleased. I really appreciate your time and help. I will definitely keep your website under my favorites and who knows, after this, I might be looking for a men's Rolex watch. About Time will be my recommendation to my friends and family.

Thank you again. Have a great week.

Tammy & Aaron

MicheleDiamond CSX Petite MWWW03B0000012
Wanted to let you know the watch was here (actually, first thing this morning!) and you’re right – it’s gorgeous! Thanks for all your help – this was a great way to start the week!

Take care!


Mont-BlancProfile 08487
There is one word I can use to describe the service and how your staff handled the sale. EXCELLENT! I would buy from you again and again. I love my watch and many others who look at it admire it as well. I will let others know about your company.

Thanks again,


Various watch models
It is truly a pleasure to purchase my fine timepieces from About Time. You have provided excellent service, superior pricing, expertise and off course counseling. It is always a pleasure to get the facts and know that I am getting the correct answers to any question I may have. Of course all my watches are delivered as promised, on time and in pristine condition.

I can not think of any better sources for purchasing new timepieces for my watch collection than About Time. I appreciate your commitment to my satisfaction.

Thank You
Bob Jones

RolexMen's DateJust 116234
The watch is perfect, exactly as ordered. The Rolex packaging was all in place as from the factory. Usually, some weasel at the distributors or the jewelry store plucks out the books, a chronometer tag, or the green model tag. I have purchased several "brand new" Rolexes and every single one has a piece of the packaging missing. One finds them for sale on e-bay. The watch I got was perfect in every way. As you recall from our discussions, availability has been very difficult for this watch because it was only introduced into the US about five months ago. You were careful with the order and were successful. I appreciate that effort and thank you.

Best regards,


Tag HeuerCarrera Chronograph Tachymeter Model CV2010.BA0786
The timepiece showed up on Tuesday morning as promised, and the receipt arrived today.

It is a brilliant watch, thank you.

Nick W.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Tag HeuerLink WJ1113.BA0575
Just wanted to let you know that the watch came Monday afternoon and it is beautiful!!! I love it. My husband is in route to the states and gets here tomorrow. I am so excited to give him the lovely watch. Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate your care and concern in getting my order to me. I hope you have a great day!



EliniElini New Yorker Grand Top Diamond Model #wh125topbk
I received my beautiful new watch on Saturday and I am completely satisfied. I appreciate all your help and will be a long time customer of About Time. I look forward to my next purchase in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again,

Tag HeuerKirium Model# CL111A.BA700
Just got the Watch - looking fine and all with a first class service and probably the best price all over.

Kind regards,



Tag HeuerCarrera Chronograph Tachymeter CV2010.BA0786
I wanted to drop you a note and express my sincere appreciation - I received my watch yesterday and I could not be happier. First of all, I was very impressed by the research & assistance you were willing to offer leading up to my order and your diligent follow-up after my order was placed. I was so pleasantly surprised to receive the watch even sooner than we both expected. My buying experience was an excellent combination of great product offering, perfect service and competitive pricing - I will certainly come back for my future watch needs and will refer my friends to you as well.

Thanks again,


Tag HeuerCarrera Chronograph Tachymeter CV2010.BA0786
I wanted to let you know that I received the watch today and absolutely love it. Your service was top notch and the price and quality were the best.

Thanks for all of your help hunting me a 2010 down.

Joel Keagy

Tag HeuerLink WJ1318.BA0572
Hi from Calgary, Alberta Canada. Just wanted to say thank you! My new TAG link, black face with diamonds arrived – its more beautiful than I expected. I will be a return customer. Thanks again

Leslie R.

Jaeger LeCoultreUltra Thin Rose Gold Model #1452504
Thank you for your kind and personal support. Everything is as promised and the watch is gorgeous and it works perfect as expected. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration to wait with sending the watch out until I was back. Also thank you for sending me the watch catalogue now, I guess, I have to choose the next watch I will order. This will take some time since I bought two watches but meanwhile I will recommend About Time to all my friends.

Best wishes,


PatekTwenty 4 Model 4910a-10
Just a note to say thanks for the Patek 24. My wife loves the watch and I've enjoyed doing business with you again. You do a great job with customer service and I'll always look to you first when purchasing a new watch.


Tom Chou

Thanks for the seamless transaction. I would buy from About Time again in a heartbeat. The sales person was very friendly and professional, and they met and exceeded all my requests. Will definitely buy my next watch from this company.


AnonimoFirenze Dual Time Mod. 2009
Thank you for all your help with the watch, I will enjoy every minute I have it on!!!

Jeff Sievers

Tag Heuer Link QuartzWJF1353.BB0581
I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a great shopping experience. Great customer service and everything was just as you said it would be. My wife is ecstatic about her new Tag.

I look forward to future business with you.

Best Regards,

Terry Ford

MontblancSummit 8474
Just wanted to let you know I recieved the watch Monday morning. Thanks for all your help. Have a great holiday and a happy New Year. Looking forward to working with you in the future on another purchase.


Ernst BenzErnst Benz GC4100
Got the watch YESTERDAY! Could not believe you got it to me so fast. My wife was extremely upset with me as I ordered her gift 3 weeks ago and it's still not here.Thanks a bunch for trying this hard. Will definitely recommend you to whoever asks.


RolexSubmariner Two Tone model 16713
I received the watch today and it's beautiful and exactly what I wanted.

Thank you.

Don McKeithen

Christian DiorChristal Chrono CD114312M001
Congratulations on your efficiency. The watch was delivered to me early in the afternoon. It is magnificent. There was no problem with the transport. Thank you again. You deserve to be known in France. Count on me to speak about you.

Goodbye. Best regards.


AnonimoDino Zei Jalea 11002
Thank you for your expertise in tracking down what could have been the last available Jalea in the world--it's an amazing piece!! Also, you run a first class operation, and it was an enjoyable purchase. I would recommend you highly.


Tag HeuerLink Watch Model WJ1318.BA0572
I received my TAG watch today. Everything looks great! Thanks for the prompt delivery and order follow-through.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Best regards,

Doug Davenport

OrisWilliams F1 Day Date Model 635.7560.4164MB
Just received my Oris Williams F1 watch today (Saturday), as requested, and sooner than expected. I was a little worried that having ordered it so late that I actually got it as soon as I did, and in perfect condition. This is a terrific watch, that actually seems under valued. Anyway, your service was great and reassuring, as I was somewhat sceptical of internet transactions, and it was a very simple process executed flawlessly, thank you very much, and I will soon be calling on you again, probably for another Oris.


John C.
Indinapolis, Indiana

AnonimoDino Zei Nemo Automatic 11001
The Anonimo Dino Zei has just arrived in good order. What a beautiful and distinctive watch! Thank you for your recommendations and personal service.


MontblancStar Platnium Chronograph GMT Automatic Watch Model #09632
I received my Mont Blanc watch yesterday. THANK YOU! It is exactly what I ordered and the watch is gorgeous! After having so many bad experiences buying online it is refreshing to find a company like About Time (amazing prices, fast shipping) and best of all great customer service. I love my watch and I will definitely refer all my friends/family to you.

Thank you,


GlashutteSenator 39-44-04-12-04
Thank you for your kind and reliable support.The watch arrived a few minutes ago and as you said, it looks great. Please let me know when you have information about the delivery time of the Jaeger LeCoultre Ultra Thin.

Talk to you soon,


TissotSeastar 1000 19.1.583.41 & 19.1.583.31
My husband received his Tissot watches a couple of hours ago. He really loves them. Thank you for being so patient with me and answering all my questions in a timely manner. He is now talking about ordering another watch or two real soon. I will be talking to you when he decides to order whatever he is looking for.

Thank you,


OrisWilliams F1 Day Date 635.7560.4165MB
Just received my Oris watch - BEAUTIFUL. If I find another watch I can't resist, I'll buy it from you.



IWCPortuguese Auto Chrono 371401
Got the watch and it's great. Thanks once again for a seamless transaction. I am sure I will be back to you soon enough for another timepiece.



RolexLadies Date-Just 79174
Got the watch today. It looks fantastic. Thanks again for all your help. Can't wait to give it to my wife.


Tag HeuerMonza Calibre 36 CR5110.FC6175
I got my watch and I wanted to thank you for your help. It is an investment that I'll have for the rest of my life most likely.

Your customer service was outstanding. The fact that you got in touch with me personally, both via e-mail and over the phone, is what made up my mind to go ahead with the transaction through you. I will definitely be a repeat shopper and also refer your company to my friends.


BallHydrocarbon GMT DG1016A SJ BL
Happy days. You came through again. This is why I like doing business with About Time. I am a member of 5 watch sites and recomended you guys when another member asks if anyone has had any transactions with you. You were rated highly.



MontblancTimewalker Chronograph # 9668
I just wanted to let you know that I received the watch, and it looks amazing, thanks for shipping it out in such short notice. I would also like to thank you for making what could be a fairly stress-full experience (purchasing something over the Internet) relatively stress free. I've passed on your company's name to several friends and I'll definitely keep you in mind on future purchases.



Panerai & AnonimoKodiak Leather Water Resistant Watch Straps
I recieved the straps and they're perfect. Thanks again for the superb service and the follow up attention to detail.

Talk to you soon.

Mike M.
Palm Beach, Florida

Chopard JewelryPendant 79-3957/20
Just wanted to say thank you for the pro-active customer service that you provided me on my order of the Chopard pendant. Everything arrived perfectly and the pendant is beautiful. Just wanted to let you know that everything worked out great and I will definitely keep you in mind for future gift and jewelry purchases! Thanks again for all of your help.

Best regards,


BreitlingCosmonaute Flyback 125 D2232212/B567
Thank you so much for all your help and kind professionalism with regard to my watch. It has always been wonderful doing business with you. Can you keep me informed with regard to any of the new and popular watches? My husband collects watches and I try to get him one every now and then. Thanks so much.


AnonimoMillemetri 2000
Just a quickie to say many thanks for the watch. I really like it. The service was great and the watch is a beauty. I would order from you guys again.

Thanks again.


Ball Fireman 43mmnm1090c-sj-bkor
The watch I received from About Time is even more beautiful than it is in the pictures. It arrived well packed, factory fresh, and is a joy to look at and wear. They are great folks and are attentive to customer needs. Don't hesitate to buy from these guys!!

Jason C., Ann Arbor, MI.

GlashutteSenator Model #
I just wanted to say thank you for such incredible customer service at About Time. I was dealing with a few online vendors to search for my new watch. I spoke with representatives at each vendor and was disappointed with their level of knowledge and willingness to help me find the perfect watch. I spent many years in customer service and my family owns two businesses where customer service is critical to success, so I know what great customer service is when I find it. I can attest that your customer service is OUTSTANDING. I really appreciate the extra effort you made to get the perfect watch for me and I was pleased to do end up doing business with you. Keep up the excellent work and I will continue to call About Time for all of my watch needs and I will definitely recommend friends to contact you for their watch needs as well.

Craig B.
Denver, CO

EliniNew Yorker Rose Gold Classic Model # BK123RGBK
I just thought I'd let you know that I got my watch yesterday and it is beautiful! Maybe there is a diamond NYer in my future too!

Thanks again,


Tag HeuerCarrera Model # CV2113.FC6180
I just received the watch today. It's really nice!!! Honestly, it seemed a risky deal from Hungary, but I've been fully convinced. Thank you so much for prompt delivery, professional and friendly service. I've already referred you to my friends, so you will get new orders from Hungary, soon...at least from me :)

Best regards,

EliniNew Yorker Stainless Steel Bracelet
I just received the bracelet... it's perfect!

Many thanks for your help and service.

Bye for now...


Tag HeuerCarrera CV2113.FC6182
I just wanted to thank you for shipping the Tag Heuer Carrera so quickly to me. The watch is gorgeous and arrived in great shape. When I'm in the market for a Frederique Constant business watch I will definetly be in touch.

You saved me a lot of money and I am so glad that I stumbled onto your web site!

Thanks again,

Ice-TekValentine Pave Diamond Dial Model #HS01
Thanks so much for the expedient delivery of my watch. It is absolutely beautiful! There was so much ease in dealing with you. I look forward to doing business with you again soon.

S. Gibson, GA

OmegaSeamaster 300M 2254-50
I now have the watch and it looks great, Thanks so much for your help, all up it cost me around 2400.00NZD which is about a 1200.00NZD saving from retail in NZ. I have adjusted the strap and am wearing it while I type this. What seemed like a complicated and risky process ( seeing the geographical distance 6000 miles ) was made easy by your professional and prompt service. I will not hesitate to recommend Abouttime to friends/family/work colleauges.


Graham ;-)

BreitlingChrono Superocean #274 A1334011/B683
I received the watch on Saturday. Its PERFECT!!!! Great service, on time delivery & safe packaging. Will definitely do business with you again in the future!!


Ajaffe 18kt White Gold RingsModel #2B0066 and #SBS009
I want to thank you so much for our beautiful rings. They fit perfectly and look beautiful. We love them. Of course, we will refer people to you whenever we can.

Best regards,

Mont BlancStar Steel Chronograph Model 05222
I received my watch yesterday and it looks terrific. Thanks for packaging the watch so well (2 boxes). If I need any other watches in the future, I will definitely give your company a call. Thanks again!


Tag HeuerWomen's Link WJF1317.BA0572
Just wanted to say “Thank you” for going above and beyond the call of duty in your help with getting me my wife’s watch.

UPS delivered before 10:00 this morning. The watch is just as I expected and then some. Thanks for your great service and a great product!


FestinaTour de France 16162-8
Just received the Festina for my dad. Great job getting it here. It was my pleasure dealing with you. It's not everyday that something ordered goes that smoothly. Thanx again.


Mike from CT

OrisSchumacher Limited Edition 673.7561.7064RS
The watch is great! Your service too!!

Thank you,


Revue ThommenAirspeed Classic 16001.9197
I received the watch and the pen on Wednesday. Thank you so much! I can't wait to give the watch to my finance on our wedding day, I'm sure he'll love it! The pen is for my dad who collects pens but doesn't have a Montblanc (that I know of) so I know he'll be really happy. You did an awesome job. Whenever I need a watch or a fine pen I know exactly where I'll be getting it!


Tag HeuerLink WJF1353.BB0581
My Tag Heuer Link watch arrived this afternoon. I knew that it would be beautiful because I had visited two local retailers to try it on. Your company's price was $610 dollars below their discounted price. I have already referred About Time to one friend, and it will definitely be the first choice for my next purchase. I appreciated your business-like, courteous manner and very prompt delivery. Thank you for your assistance.


Chopard Mille Miglia GMT Watch
I purchased a Chopard watch from About Time. About Time was very easy to work with. It just happened that there had been an almost 10% price increase on the model. Neither of us was aware of that when About Time gave me a price quote. The price increase and the fact that the watch was one of the hottest selling models at the moment notwithstanding, About Time stuck to there original quote without thinking twice. I thought I was getting a great deal but now I ended up with a splendid deal! It looks like About Time does business thinking in long terms and does what pays in the long run, which I believe is honesty and integrity.

Stephen P.

Bvlgari Rettangolo RT39SSRettangolo RT39SS
When I first called you, I was hesitant to order over the phone and especially on-line in another state. I have had the unfortunate circumstance of being 'swindled' by companies claiming to sell 'authentic'. So as soon as I got my, (very beautiful watch) in, I took it to a reputable jeweler. The reaction I got from the salesperson to the jeweler in the back told me all I needed to know. I could see them all 'quietly' gawking at it in the back and tried not to laugh. They were touching everything from the box, the padding, down to the watch itself. Thank you for restoring my confidence in a reputable on-line jeweler.

With greatest appreciation,

Liz K. Dayton, OH

Ice-TekDeluxe Sweetheart Model HSSB
I just wanted to let you know how much I love the watch and how happy I am that I bought the one with the full diamonds. It is gorgeous. Thanks for convincing me. It came beautifully packaged and I love it everytime I wear it.

Thanks again.


BreitlingNavitimer World Model # A2432212/B726
Thank you very much. I received the watch at 7:30 am this morning, just as you promised. You provided the best service and professional personal attention to my order.

I will recommend you to others for sure.

Mike T.

RolexThunderbird Date Just Turn-O-Graph #116264
I just want to share with you the excitement in my husband's eyes when he unwrapped his anniversary gift. As soon as he saw the logo on the box, he was just beside himself. He loved the unique appearance of the watch, which also caught everyone's attention at the office. His partners were quite envious.

The watch was truly a perfect gift, and I couldn't have pulled this off without all of your accommodations.

Thank you for an exceptional service and a pleasant buying experience.

Sasinee M.

LonginesDolce Vita L56554712
I received the watch. It is awesomely beautiful. Once again thank you for all your help. The quality of your service exceeded my expectations. Someone once said that quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. It represents the only way we should all perform our jobs day in and day out. You signify exactly that. There should be a picture of you in the dictionary under customer service.

Take care, be safe, and best regards


IWCPortofino Automatic Model 353301
The watch arrived yesterday. It is very nice and perfect.

Thanks again. It was a pleasure to do business with you.

Best regards,


Montblanc Star Steel Chronograph 5222
Just a quick note to let you know the watch has arrived and is in perfect condition. I am very impressed with how everything has worked out. You demonstrated a quality service standard that was efficient, detailed and friendly.

Thanks again for everything,

Warm regards,

Baume et MercierHampton City Ladies MOA8352
Greetings from Australia. I just wanted to take this opportunity of saying THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU......
I absolutely LOVE my Baume & Mercier Hampton City Watch..... It's divine....I really do thank you for the fabulous service you gave me.... My concern over ordering over the internet was totally unfounded and I truly appreciate your care...I will certainly be contacting you again and definitely recommending you to my friends.

Regards ,

14K White & Yellow Gold Ring (2-tone ring)Model# lam8
I noticed this great ring while searching high and low for the perfect birthday present for my husband. Without personally seeing the product, it was the great images that kept selling me on this ring. The staff at About Time was very helpful. When I received the ring, it was just as pictured. Truly beautiful, very substantial. I will definitely be purchasing items again for it was a great experience!

CZ Hairston

Frederique ConstantClassic Automatic FC303M3P6B
I received the watch today. It's fantastic! Thank you very much for removing the links so that I can wear it right away. You're absolutely welcome to use my email as a testimonial. Feel free to add the fact that I was very leery about buying a watch such as this on-line initially. I was skeptical and you got me over that. Nothing, however, gets you over the skepticism like actually receiving the product and realizing you got exactly what you expected for a very fair price. And I know from my own business, there's no better testimonial than one from a skeptic turned completely satisfied custmer. Thanks again. I'll be back.


Revue ThommenLe Club 10010.2542
Thank you for a very satisfactory experience in purchasing an automatic timepiece. You were extremely helpful making recommendations and in following through with telephone calls and in meeting a short time schedule. The watch arrived as promised and is really a magnificent piece. I have a hard time keeping my eyes off my new Revue Thommen automatic.

Thanks again,

RolexGMT 2-Tone
I just wanted you to know how much I love my Rolex GMT. The watch is great, all I hoped for, and the service was awesome.

I greatly appreciated your hands on approach to customer satisfaction.


Gary Klemens

CartierTank Francaise WE1001R8
From one retailer to another – you set the highest standards for customer service I’ve ever seen. Doing business with you reminded me of the old days when a man’s word was as good as gold. Don’t ever change.


Just wanted to say thank you for the watch I purchased from your website. It was a very nice Seiko at a great price. The watch arrived quickly, was well packaged and both works and looks great.

Thank you for making the sales transaction smooth and quick. I will be certain to consult your website in the future if I am in the market for another watch.


Missouri City, TX

Ice-TekLadies Valentine Watch HS-01 Pave Diamonds
The beauty arrived today. Thank you so much for suggesting this particular watch. The girls (8 & 5) are already fighting over it even though it is going to take another 20 years for them to wear it.

Have a great evening,


Tag HeuerMonza CR5110.FC6176
The watch arrived on Saturday. It is exactly as I expected: beautiful finish and a nice, classic design. I am very satified, also, with your excellent service. Hope to do business with you some other time.

Best regards,


OmegaSeamaster 2296.80.00
A note for prospective customers: This company and its employees are trustworthy, honest and very obliging. What seemed like a daunting task was made very simple and easy. I thank you all.

East York, England

GlycineIncursore 3804.15SD
Just a quick note to let you know that my Glycine Incursore arrived safely as promised. The watch is exactly as I expected and I am extremely happy. Thanks for everything and please be assured that you have earned a new customer! Your service was simply perfect and the price was most competitive.

My best to you for 2005,

BreitlingSuperocean Steelfish
I just wanted to thank you for the friendly service and your firms integrity. The Breitling watch came as promised, what a competitive price, I'm sometimes concerned with purchases on the internet but I'll most definitely recommend your company with confidence.


Ulysse NardinMaxi Marine Chronometer 266-66
I wanted to thank you for your courteous, and professional handling of my purchase. I received my new Ulysse Nardin watch within the time frame promised. I had not previously puchased such an expensive item over the internet, but you made this as easy and safe as going to the neighborhood jeweler.

Thank you again.

Sincerely yours,

Dallas, Texas

Revue ThommenOpen Heart 12110.2532
I received the Revue Thommen skeleton watch today in perfect condition. I was interested in this watch because it has the same movement as my first skeleton watch, a Vulcain, which I purchased in Geneva on a high school trip. Thanks for your help in obtaining this!

Best Wishes

Christian DiorRiva Chrono Sparkling Model# d81-101magtc
Just a note to thank you for the incredible service you provided last week. I called many well known local stores plus a number on the web trying to locate the Christian Dior Riva Chrono Sparkling watch. No one had it in stock nor could they get it for me in less than two to four weeks. You were extremely accommodating, contacting your distributor and delivering it via overnight air in just three days. Now that's customer service! The watch is beautiful and my wife loves it. I can't forget to mention that your price was also 15-50% lower than everyone else. Great service, great prices. . .it doesn't get much better than that.

Thanks again and have a great holiday season.


CartierSantos Automatic Womens Watch W20057C4
Just a note to tell you how pleased I was with the purchase of the ladies’ Cartier Santos watch for my wife. Internet purchases for a high dollar item can be a concern, but speaking with you over the phone made the experience comforting. The watch was a BIG hit. Of course, everything you said about the watch and your service was right on the mark. Thanks again and have a great Holiday and New Year!


Frederique ConstantPersuasion Heartbeat FC310M3P6B
I received the watch this afternoon and I am extremely happy with it. I just wanted to thank you for providing such great service. I will definitley refer you to others and I am sure we will be doing business again in the future.

Best Regards,

CitizenPerpetual Calendar Chronograph BL5180-57L
I just received the watch, even earlier than you thought. My husband will love it! Thank your for your friendly and reliable service. I will highly recommend you to my friends.

Merry Christmas from Down Under.

RolexCellini Classic 5116/9
Thank you very much. It's a real pleasure to do business with you. I'll highly recommend About Time to all my friends.

Best regards,


LuminoxTitanium Navy Seal Dive Series 3602
Thank you! I wanted to let you know that my husband's watch arrived safe and sound! When the UPS delivery man arrived, I was in the shower. My husband accepted the package, so there was no way that I could hide the watch until his birthday! He "beamed" when he saw it. Thanks for making his birthday a very happy one.


WittnauerOvation 12E11
I got the watch yesterday and it is gorgeous. I am going to save it for Christmas. Let me know if you sell any other type of jewelry.
I have enjoyed doing business with you and hope to do some more in the future.


Jaeger LeCoultre Master Geographic, Model 142.24.20 (Q1422420)
I wanted to write and thank you for the tremendous service my wife and I received from your company. As you can imagine, buying an expensive item on the internet can be fraught with dangers. I need not have worried. Purchasing from “About Time” has been a true and rare pleasure from my first enquiry to delivery.

This morning I received my new Jaeger-Le-Coultre Master Geographic (a watch I have coveted for some years) and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks to your dedication and commitment to ensuring total customer satisfaction, even though your delivery was late I was not affected. I would have no hesitation in recommending “About Time” to anyone who is looking to buy a fine watch from a first class retailer.

Thank you, and kind regards


HublotHublot Classic 1520.BUR.1
I received my watch today. It fits perfectly. Thank you for your excellent service. I would not hesitate to use you again or recommend you to a friend.


I received the watch. Perfect.


Jaeger LeCoultreMaster Compressor Dualmatic 173.84.70
I wanted to thank you for organizing everything so reliably and fast. The watch was delivered so promptly.
The watch exceeds my requirements!!! It's wonderful!!

Thank you again and best regards,



Tag Heuer LinkWJF2110.BA0570
I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Tag Heuer watch I purchased from you! I also wanted to thank you for making the process so easy. It was such a pleasant experience to work with such an honest and reputable company. I have never purchased a watch like the Tag Heuer before and was grateful for your confidence and reassurance that it would be an enjoyable experience. It really appealed to me that you are a family run business and take care of your customers.

Thank you again for all your help. It is comforting to know that buying
on line can be such a success.



Columbia, Maryland

Tissot T33.7.498.51
Well we must say that having only ordered this watch on Thursday 2nd September 2004, we were pleased to receive your email on 3rd September telling us that it would be dispatched on Friday 4th September. You said Monday 6th was a holiday in the states and it might take longer, but the watch arrived on the 6th September all the way from California to England. Packaging and paperwork are first class and of course the watch is perfect. We are delighted, and the watch even with the shipping, etc., was 50% of the UK cost. We will be recommending you to our friends. It has been a pleasure buying from you and your service is excellent.

Thanks again.


Tag Heuer WK2117.BAO311
I again wanted to thank you for the outstanding, prompt service you provided to me back in June. The Tag Heuer watch I purchased arrived within 2 days, was beautiful and was $400 less than any jewelry/department store in Manhattan. I have already told friends/family about your website and will be back again soon for future purchases.Thanks again.

With Highest Regards,


OrisTT1 Divers Watch, Model 63375339555
I can not thank you enough for the experience I had buying the Oris TT1 Divers Watch from About Time. I have been conducting quite a bit of research on the Oris TT1 Divers watch. After searching many websites I chose About Time. About Time's customer service is exceptional. Even though you did not have the watch in stock, you were able to get it to me in three days time from my order. Thank you again for such a pleasant watch buying experience. I will definitely use About Time for my next watch purchase.


ChopardLUC 1.96
The watch I purchased from you was a very rare watch and thus difficult to find. I went through many dealers nationwide and none of them could ensure me that they would be able to procure the watch. From the first contact I had with you, I felt assured that I was dealing with a very competent and trustworthy person. It turned out my feelings were correct. I got outstanding personal service and an absolutely brilliant watch in superb condition. I will strongly recommend you in the future.


Citizen Gift Box Set
About Time found an excellent present for my girlfriend's birthday--on her birthday! I was surprised with the top notch service on such short notice. Nobody else can touch their prices or selection. They even found a super rare Rolex for my brother-in-law. They will handle all of my watch transactions in the future.


IWC Spitfire, Model 3713
We received the IWC watch, and it is exceptional! Thank you for your personal service throughout the process. This was an important purchase, and you helped put my concerns at ease.

Thanks again,


EliniNew Yorker XL, Model 22535A-MC3P0
Received the watch. It is gorgeous! Almost too nice to take out of the



EliniNew Yorker, Model 12325a-mk8po
The watch arrived. I am wearing it as I write this. I really love it. Thanks again for the wonderful service.


Jo :-)

Tag HeuerKirium Formula I, Model CL111A.BA0700
IT IS HERE! WOOHOO !! The watch is fantastic and I’m an expert on the functions already. Thank you kindly for your gracious and efficient service. I will be sure to recommend you to my friends and acquaintances.You saved me $1000AUD on the Aussie jeweler prices, so I am rapt. As they say over here – “Bloody bewdy mate!!”


Geoff Gorham

OmegaSpeedmaster Professional, Model 3570.50
I can not thank you enough for the experience I had buying the Omega Speedmaster watch from About Time. I have wanted to purchase this watch for years and have conducted quite a bit of research to ensure that it was the chronograph that I wanted. I have not been disappointed; it is everything I had anticipated and more. Notwithstanding the quality of the timepiece, your customer service was exceptional. You had the watch as advertised, you shipped the watch on time as promised and the merchandise was presented exactly as you said it would. I especially appreciated the fact the watch came with the original price tag and plastic vendor tracking tag all with serial numbers that matched the watch.

Thank you again for a fantastic watch buying experience and I will be doing more business with you in the future.

Harry Stollmack

Tag HeuerFormula 1, Model WAC1113.BA0850
I received my Formula 1 TAG yesterday. It looks great! Thank you so much
for your help and promptness handling and sending my order. I look forward
to doing business with you again and will highly recommend you to my

Thanks again,

Alan Richey

RadoSintra, Model R13.354.15.2
I would like to thank you for your fast and efficient service and would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends.

James Brotherdale, UK

OmegaSpeedmaster, Model 3523.80
Omega Speedmaster, Model 3513.50
I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for an excellent job. The watches arrived today, even earlier than you thought and they are gorgeous. The boys will absolutely love them. Thanks so much for your time and the extra effort you put in to finding us exactly what we wanted. As you said “you didn’t steer me wrong”, quite the contrary.

Your service was top notch and I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know looking for a high quality time piece and an incredible value.

Thanks again, Van

LancasterModel OLA0260R0/R0
Thanks so much for the Lancaster watch I received last week. I gave it to my wife for our anniversary. She’s so excited; she keeps pulling up her sleeves so others will notice it. By the way, the largest online watch dealer whose name will go unmentioned kept giving me the runaround. Let me assure you they are NOT in the “Zone”! You guys are amazing! I’ll be back for more!

Greg Quinn

CymaModel 114280SG8-SG8.01
Wanted to let you know that I received my beautiful Cyma watch this morning, just as you promised. I am very pleased with not only the watch but your service. This was a very simple, smooth, uncomplicated purchase and I will definitely be in touch with you again should we need to buy another nice watch. Feel free to use this letter. I looked at the other letters posted on your website before sending my check. They made me feel comfortable about sending a check halfway across the country and hoping to receive merchandise in return!

Thanks again for all your help!!


OmegaSeamaster, Model 2541.80
This is just a short note to thank you for all the help in my purchase of the men's Omega Seamaster, James Bond model watch. It is beautiful and your price is the best on the Internet. Thank you for the friendly and excellent service. I will highly recommend you to my friends and associates.

Best Regards,

John Day

Terre Haute, IN

OmegaAqua Terra, Model 2517.80
I want to thank you very much and let you know that I enjoyed doing business with About Time. I'll be in the market for a (new watch) in about six months and will be sure to call you then.

Thanks again,

Paul Leichtnam

Kinston, NC

CartierTank Francaise, Model W51008Q3
I just received the Cartier watch via UPS. It's great. Thanks for your help.

Vickie Thanoukos

Tag HeuerLink Searacer, Model CT1115.BA0551
I received my watch today. It is a beauty!!!!

Thank you very much for the good care.




EliniNew Yorker XL, Model 22535A-MD6PO
I received my new Elini today. Thanks for the beautiful watch and excellent service! The extra strap is cool too!


Bob Lewis

LonginesDolce Vita, Model L56564716
I received the watch today. It is, indeed very beautiful.
Thank you for all the great service!

Kind regards,

Jop Verhagen, The Netherlands

Tag Heuer2000 Series Chronograph, Model CN1151.BD0347
Just a note to thank you for helping me get my son's graduation gift to him in a timely manner. I really appreciate you calling him to keep him apprised of the ordering, purchasing and finally shipping of this most important gift. Your customer service was exceptional. I am truly pleased. Again, thank you for all you did, and a great price too!!


Carolyn Craft and James Craft

OmegaAqua Terra Railmaster, Model 2802.52.37
Omega Aqua Terra (Railmaster) Model 2802.52.37

The watch came today, as promised, and it’s super. Thanks so much for a great transaction! I appreciate being kept informed along the way. My only regret is that I can afford to do this but once every few years! I’m sure we’ll do business again. Thanks!

Charriol Sterling Silver
Your service was superior and the watch is the most beautiful watch I have ever seen and especially that I have ever owned! I even looked on the Internet.....have never seen this particular watch by any Jewelry store site. The picture you had on site and the half off price is what hooked me. I am tremendously please and happy with my purchase. It was a retirement gift to myself! They style alone, the good feeling of the silver bracelet on the arm, the diamonds and especially the bluish mother of pearl face! Oh, the clasp mechanism is the best and easy. Just awesome!

Thanks again,

Evelyn Acord


RolexSubmariner, Model 16610
Thanks for your professionalism. I received the watch on Friday as promised. Looks great...thanks!
I would recomend you to friends anytime.

Michael Flanigan

RolexSubmariner, Model 16613BLU
I wanted to thank you for your top-notch professional service, unbeatable prices and fast delivery of my New Rolex Submariner watch. I absolutely love it!!! I would recommend About Time to anyone who wants a great deal on a watch.

Paul Mayo, Boston, MA

Tag HeuerLink Chronograph, Model CT1111.BA0550
I was worried about ordering the watch online after seeing the poor condition of the one at the local jewelers, but I can see that I was worried for nothing... The watch arrived yesterday just as planned... Thanks for your excellent customer service.

Maria Augustin

OrisArtelier Pointer Date, Model 64475534051MB
I wanted to let you know that I love my new Oris watch! It’s a beautiful watch and I’m very happy with it. Thanks again for taking time to answer all of my questions and for your help in locating this new model. I'll definitely keep you in mind the next time I’m looking for a watch -- and I’ve already recommended you to others.


SeikoModel S22958
Thanks for all your help. I love my new watch. It is as beautiful as I thought it would be. And the price made it that much better. You were accommodating, helpful and great to work with :>)


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